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5 Tracks – Nick the Record

11 March


Ahead of Mavrik with Nick the Record tonight, Nick’s kindly contributed to our 5 Tracks feature series. Expect to hear records like this and plenty more gems this evening.

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Kasso – One More Round

It’s not big (it’s too short actually), it’s not clever, it’s just a sure party starter.


Tabu Ley – Hafi Deo

Amazing record. Afro but with amazing production that stands up alongside House. At my bi-monthly Tangent party with John Gomez we play a lot of African & Tropical & this has become a bit of an anthem. I’ve also just finished a kind of Dubby Re-edit/Re-rub with Dan Tyler for release on Soundway Records


Chiemi Manabe – Untotooku

She was a Japanese Idol back in the eighties & her LP was produced by Haruomi Hosono of YMO fame. This track is really spacy & dreamy & has a dog bark sample as part of the rhythm. Love playing this in Japan & watching peoples faces as it dawns on them that they are listening to something in their own language.


Jack J – Thirstin’

I never use the expression ‘never leaves my bag’ because I always try to rotate the records I play to keep it interesting & I quite often play very different styles of gig. I’ve tried taking this out of the bag but it always ends up back in there. So good if you don’t dance to this we’d better check your pulse.


Nu Guinea/Tony Allen – The Sun Returns

Tony was the drummer & band leader for Fela & the Africa seventy. Fela’s eighties output suffered a lot after Tony Allen left. I worked with Tony when I made an LP under the name Soul Ascendants for Nuphonic with my man Tim Hutton back in 1998. Tony was already an old man back then but he was still incredible on the drum kit. We recorded him at Abbey Road & we couldn’t get the mic set up quick enough. He was on fire from the moment he sat down & he’s obviousy still on fire judging from this new project with Nu Guinea.