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5 Tracks – Owen Spalding

28 October

We start our first edition of this series with Owen Spalding, a friend who has an extensive knowledge of music, spanning many genres. He grew up on mostly Indie and alternative bands, but now writes and DJs for the Hush House blog. Below are five tracks he’s enjoying at the moment, but first here’s a little bit more about his musical background.

“I was pretty lucky growing up music wise. I’d say the majority of the music I listened to was stuff like Pulp and Blur, but because my mum was a proud member of the UK rave scene there was never an Orbital or S’Express tune far off. There’s a photo of me somewhere aged three with my hair styled like Keith Flint from Prodigy, apparently I was a big fan of ‘Firestarter’.

My dad was a Leeds uni graduate himself so he was quite up to date with the Northern music scene, in particular the Madchester era, so he got me into the likes of The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays and not forgetting Leeds locals Cud! Although it’s not all about dance music for me. One of my favourite bands of recent times are Kings of Convenience, a norwegian folk band (who, coincidentally, have had one of their tunes adapted by Dj Koze on his recent LP).

I cut my teeth with club music in Norwich. I think I bought my turntables at 14, started off with drum n bass and dubstep, realised I didn’t have the faintest clue what I was doing, and let them gather dust. From then on until about 16 I got slowly more into club music, going through the resurgence of garage up until I settled on my much loved house & disco. Playing at nights in Norwich such as POW & Wildlife helped me get a foot into the club scene there and set me up for what will hopefully be a successful time in my adopted home that is Leeds.”

Delroy Edwards – Untitled

I’ve been following Delroy Edwards’ stuff on L.I.E.S for a while now, and although I’ve enjoyed his output, nothing has really stood out to me. This however, definitely has. It’s the first release on his new label L.A Club Resource and it’s really strong: lo-fi, raw techno – one for the early hours.


Meek – Glowing Trees

Found this Andrew Weatherall tune late one evening after delving pretty far into the murky backwaters of Discogs. The A side is a real journey into the more ambient sides of minimal techno, whereas the b-side is a bit more ‘dancefloor friendly’, but I’m not sure if you’ll be hearing it on any dancefloors anytime soon. Either way, it’s some pretty magical stuff from Weatherall and sums up his rather eclectic taste.

Fort Romeau – Your Light

Ever since I heard Fort Romeau’s ‘Theo’ on his LP ‘Kingdoms‘ last year I’ve been really interested by his take on house music. ‘Your Light’ which features on his latest EP ‘Stay/True’ seems to take some influence from his work with New Jackson from earlier this year, with a heady vocoded voice over a low slung bass line and spacey melodies. Lovely one, this.

Jus-Ed – I’m From Connecticut…Bridgeport

Purchased this EP by Jus-Ed having not listened to this tune, had only listened to ‘Getting Ready’ and ’33 Ambient House Step’. When I put it on my turntable I decided to listen to ‘Connecticut…Bridgeport’ first, and it quickly became my favourite tune on the EP. Driven along by a deep, warm bassline and his signature kick, the rest of the tune is sparsely populated with discordant synths and a simple vocal sample. It creates a pretty strange atmosphere but is all the more infectious for it.

Morgan Geist – How Beep is Your Love

One of my most recent purchases happens to be Morgan Geist‘s ‘Nebula Jersey Volume One’. It set me back more than I care to acknowledge but it was more than worth it. My two favourite tracks on the EP, ‘Roboho’ and ‘Evawen’ don’t seem to have any previews knocking about online, so I’ll have to go with this one from the EP, which inspired me to purchase it in the first place. Enjoy.