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Mavrik Mix #29 – Clandestino

7 October


Fresh off the heels of our last edition from Sweden’s MLiR, we now move closer to home. Based in our former homeland of Leeds, the trio of Nick Smith, Joe Morris and Iain Mac have been pushing various forms of electronic music for many years (15 in fact). They have always kept a finger on the ever-growing pulse of electronic music and brought artists such as Tim Sweeney, Erol Alkan and Optimo to Leeds long before they became as established and influential as they are today.

Having heard Joe DJ in Leeds and also noticed the ever-growing back catalogue of Clandestino releases, it seemed like a good idea to enquire about a podcast. Thankfully, they agreed and here it is!

In addition to the podcast, be sure to check out their productions – it may not be long before they become established and influential themselves…